Consumer alert: Beware of unsolicited emails offering similar domain names

Posted by auDA on 23 May 2019

Registrants should be wary of unsolicited offers to register domain names similar to .au domain names they hold licences for.

auDA has recently been made aware of a company contacting Victorian government authorities offering them registration of a subdomain of a .com domain name which closely resembles that authority’s domain name. eg.

The emails claim the company in question is fulfilling its ‘statutory obligation’ by offering the government department first right of refusal, and hints at ‘far-reaching consequences’ if the offer is not accepted.

Unfortunately, Australia’s domain name registrants are periodically targeted by schemes like this.

Registrants are advised to:

  • be wary of these unsolicited offers and read them carefully before acting
  • understand that you have no obligation to register any domain names offered
  • double check with your registrar if you’re unsure if the offer is legitimate or related to your existing domain name licences