Public Comment

auDA regularly seeks public comments on various governance and policy issues.

Open consultations

 Implementation of the Government Review Recommendations

In April 2018 the Federal Government delivered the final report of its review of the .au Domain Administration. The review made 29 recommendations for reform required by auDA to meet its new terms of endorsement.  auDA sought comment on the documents below which have been created as part of the implementation plan of auDA's response to the government review.

There are no open consultations on auDA's implementation of the government review.

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Published policies

auDA is responsible for the development and implementation of the policies governing the operation of the .au ccTLD,  including the registration of .au domain names.  As part of its multi-stakeholder policy development process,  auDA welcomes submissions from the community on its draft policies.   The draft policies will be available for public comment for a minimum of 21 calendar days.  auDA will publish a consultation report setting out the key issues raised in the public consultation process, and any subsequent amendments to the draft policy as a result of public consultation.

  • To make a submission on these draft policies please email your feedback to [email protected]

There are no open consultations on auDA Published Policies

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Corporate Policies

The Corporate Policies set out how auDA conducts its business as the administrator and self-regulatory policy body for the .au ccTLD,  including how it complies with its legal obligations under Australian law.  The Corporate Policies are open for public comment for a period of no less than 21 calendar days.

  • To make a submission on these corporate policy drafts, please email your feedback to [email protected]

Explanatory Memorandum

As a result of the Federal Government's review of the .au Domain Administration, auDA has developed and consulted on a series of policies frameworks designed to help auDA meet its new terms of endorsement. 

The Explanatory Memorandum provides an overview of each document.

Download the Explanatory Memorandum

Document Closes Comments

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

5PM AEST, 31 March 2019


Transparency and Accountability Framework

5PM AEST, 31 March 2019



See recently closed Corporate Policy consultations. 


auDA will publish any submissions received.  The submissions will be collated and provided to the auDA Board for consideration.  A person making a submission to auDA consents to the collection, publication, use and disclosure of their submission for the purpose of developing and amending the draft policy.  For further information please refer to the auDA Privacy Policy.